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Meet the Team

Our educated, highly trained and skilled staff puts your needs first, working to help you get the results you want: the most beautiful smile in the shortest amount of treatment time possible. We have virtually no staff turnover, so people you see at the beginning are the same at the end of your treatment.

Sallie – Treatment Coordinator and Office Manager

After you meet with Dr. Duffy, if treatment is recommended, Sallie will discuss payment options, answer insurance questions and schedule follow-up appointments to begin orthodontic treatment. An avid sports fan and former dance teacher at Miss Shelly’s, she will also be happy to discuss these subjects. She will also proudly show you pictures of her grandchildren.

Shannan and Laura – Scheduling Coordinators

Shannan and Laura are dedicated to making your treatment as convenient as possible by scheduling appointments that work with your busy schedule (especially Late Start days!). We want you to feel like you know everything going on with your treatment plan, and we can answer any questions you or your parents have about appointments, account balance, T-Link or our how to use the Patient/Parent Login part of our website. Although sports talk is always on, we do better answering TV trivia or homework questions. (Laura is a teacher – see if you can stump her!)

Becca and Sophie – Orthodontic Assistants

Though you will see Dr. Duffy at every one of your appointments, Becca and Sophie assist him with many of the procedures during your orthodontic treatment, including taking X-rays, making impressions, securing your wires and, of course, helping you with the most important decision: what colors to choose. All three encourage and teach good oral hygiene and will always be happy to answer any orthodontic questions you may have. As Becca or Sophie is working on your beautiful smile, be prepared to join in the conversation – no matter what tools are in your mouth, they can usually understand you!

Bianca – Lab Technician

If you don’t see Bianca while you’re at the office, chances are she’s in the lab. Bianca can usually be found making a retainer to keep your beautiful smile straight or making the model of your teeth for Dr. Duffy to study as he plans a course of treatment designed specifically for your teeth!