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Why Choose Dr. Duffy

Ten Reasons to Choose Dr. Duffy

  1. Most orthodontists offer a free consultation; however, your consultation with us includes 30 minutes with Dr. Duffy, so that you have plenty of time to ask all your questions without feeling rushed.
  2. We have two convenient locations: 86th and Garnett, just minutes off HW 169 and Union Schools, and an office in Owasso just down the street from the high school.
  3. Dr. Duffy takes a 3D scan at your initial appointment. This gives both you and Dr. Duffy a visual image of the relationship of your bones, teeth, nerves, sinuses, airway, and structure of your head, face, neck, and jaw .
  4. As an orthodontist, Dr. Duffy completed a two-year orthodontic residency at Virginia Commonwealth University after graduating from University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry. The VCU program teaches state-of-the-art clinical care in an environment modeled after private orthodontic practice.
  5. Dr. Duffy sees you at each and every appointment, no matter what the appointment is for.
  6. Different from many practices, parents are always welcome in our clinical treatment area. This eliminates a lot of the perceived mystery surrounding orthodontic treatment and allows parents to follow the progress of their child's care.
  7. Because we have no affiliation with any specific orthodontic appliance or technique, we are able to select from a variety of treatment approaches in order to find the most efficient and effective appliance for each patient. Brackets are only a tool used to accomplish a beautiful smile; the hands those tools are in are what make the smile beautiful.
  8. We created our office schedule to accommodate our patients. Most appointments can be scheduled before or after school, or during the lunch hour. We also offer additional appointment slots on late start days for high school students.
  9. We welcome and encourage questions, and we are more than happy to provide additional explanations as needed. This is true of our staff and of Dr. Duffy too.
  10. We speak honestly about what can and can't be accomplished, and we treat each patient with respect, kindness and compassion.